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This website shows a small but diverse range of the items I have made. For many years I have been commissioned to create stunning sculptural furniture from a variety of materials, wood, metal’s, plastic’s etc. all meticulously designed and crafted. Some pieces have been commissioned for export to customers in various parts of the world.


Many of my works are completely unique pieces, but others fulfil the demand for bespoke everyday items, such as kitchens and bookcases etc. The work I produce covers a wide spectrum, I have supplied one-off pieces to high end shops and have had my work featured in magazines. I also make props for major film productions and TV commercials.


My furniture is built to the highest standard, employing both traditional and modern techniques, using some of the finest materials. Many hours can go into design and construction. Each piece is built to be enjoyed and treasured for decades to come.


Unique and conceptual pieces are always being created. These project’s should be seen and valued as works of art in their own right.


Commissions vary from small objets d’art, to furniture that can fill the largest of room’s, garden structures like summer houses and conservatories have all been undertaken even caravan’s. Complex experimental prototype project’s are often tackled.


I work closely alongside the client or architect from initial stages, right through to completion.

Mark Beverton hand made wood furniture

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