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I was born into an artistic, creative and woodworking family of several generations.


My education in furniture making began at a very young age in my father’s workshop. He ran his own business. He used to say “I will never work for anyone else or shave off my beard!


I spent a lot of my childhood in his studio watching and learning.

This was the best experience that could be bestowed upon me in the craft of designing and making furniture, sculpture and engineering. My father, after a brief stint training to be a pilot in the R.A.F studied sculpture and worked as an engineer before starting his own business. One of his early workshop’s was on London’s King’s Road, where he also had a shop selling his work. He worked alongside my mother, a Parisian artist.


Growing up in his workshop I watched and learnt as my father and his team made furniture. I observed a tree, cut into planks being brought into the workshop and a wonderful piece of furniture would exit, it was like watching a magician work his magic. He used to make all manner of amazing things. I would then try to make something, learning the basic techniques as I experimented.


As I gained more experience, I was able to tackle more complex and ambitious projects, being a bit of a perfectionist I always felt they could be improved upon, also refining my skills in the process.


Sometimes I work on a project for many hours, trying to come up with an ingenious design, something that it not only unique but is also practical and beautiful.


Like my father before me, I also have a great interest in sculpting, engineering and art which I incorporate into my furniture, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are very important characteristic’s of my work, in our throw away society it is a refreshing change to have a piece of furniture that can be cherished and handed on to future generations.

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